Barometric Pressure  Barometric Pressure

Barometric Pressure in Bangui, CF


0000 hPa
00.00 inHg


00.0 ℃
0.00 ℉


00.0 m/s
00.0 mph


Weather now

The pressure in Bangui, Central African Republic Central African Republic is predicted to quickly drop over the next few hours, with an average pressure of 1008.4 hPa today, which is lower than normal.


Weather prediction: Expect gale force weather

The daily total fluctuation in pressure in Bangui is 7.1 hPa, with a low of 1004.6 hPa and a high of 1011.7 hPa. The daily average here is lower than in most cities around the world.



In Bangui, the barometric pressure generally remains stable throughout the year. The city experiences two distinct seasons: a wet season from April to October, characterized by heavy rainfall, and a dry season from November to March, with little to no precipitation. During these seasons, the barometric pressure fluctuates slightly but overall remains within a normal range.

Barometric pressure

The landscape around Bangui, characterized by dense forests and the Oubangui River, influences the atmospheric pressure in the area. The abundant vegetation and water bodies contribute to a relatively stable and balanced atmospheric condition. The trees and vegetation help regulate moisture levels and provide shade, which can reduce extreme temperature fluctuations and maintain a relatively consistent barometric pressure in the region.


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