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Barometric Pressure in Casper, Wyoming, US


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The pressure in Casper, United States United States is predicted to steady drop over the next few hours, with an average pressure of 1010 hPa today, which is considered normal.


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The daily total fluctuation in pressure in Casper is 5.8 hPa, with a low of 1007.4 hPa and a high of 1013.2 hPa. The daily average here is lower than in most cities around the world.



Casper, Wyoming has an average barometric pressure of 30.12 inches. This pressure is slightly lower than the national average.

Barometric pressure

The city is surrounded by mountains to the west and south. These mountains affect the airflow and create a rain shadow effect. The rain shadow effect causes dry air to move towards the city.

The city's elevation is 5,184 feet above sea level. This high elevation contributes to the lower barometric pressure. The North Platte River runs through the city, but it has a minimal impact on the pressure.

During the winter, cold air from the north moves into the city. The cold air is dense and increases the barometric pressure. In the summer, warm air from the south moves into the city. The warm air is less dense and decreases the barometric pressure.


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